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Monroe Street Bridge

Monroe Street Bridge - Washington

Photos by Jim Stiles
Jim's Photo Gallery

     A succession of bridges was built to span the 1500 foot wide gorge in the heart of downtown Spokane. The first wooden span, dating 1889, quickly succumbed to fire, soon to be replaced with a steel bridge. After a decade of use, vibrations weakened the bridge, calling for a replacement.
     When the second replacement opened, the Monroe Street Bridge was called a modern marvel; a casting of grace and functionality. One of the largest concrete-arch spans in America at the time, the Monroe Street Bridge soon became a defining landmark in Spokane. Symbolizing the West, buffalo skull reliefs, designed by Cutter and Malmgren, were incorporated in the concrete work supporting four pedestrian overlooks.
Spokane River Falls       Nearing a century in age, the Monroe Street Bridge was slated for replacement in the 1990s. When polled, Spokane residents were dead-set against a new design, calling for either a refurbished bridge or a replica. David Evans and Associates provided the city with a carbon copy, complete with details right down to the ornate pedestrian pavilions and buffalo skull sculptures. Today, bridge goers can once again view the Spokane River, its wild series of cascades, and one of the longest operating hydroelectric facilities in Washington.



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