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Flathead Lake

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Flathead Lake - Montana

Photos by Chris Henn

   Montana's Flathead Lake is the largest and clearest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Fed by two clear running rivers, the Flathead and Swan, the lake is maintained by a constant flow of glacial melt and regulated by the Kerr Dam in Polson.
   Also one of the most scenic areas in the northwest corner of the state, the Flathead Valley is dressed in an evergreen forest and distant backdrops are painted with one of Montana's most majestic mountain ranges. Protected by the Flathead Indian Reservation and two wildlife areas, the Mission Mountains remain in a pristine state.
   Renowned for its fishing, Flathead Lake Flathead Valley also invites landlubbers to enjoy its islands, wildlife refuges and state parks. Here, the sightseer, photographer and wildlife fan have many opportunities to enjoy nature's best.
   With a shoreline extending for 160 miles, Route 35 and U.S. Route 93 offer some of the best lakeside views among Montana's most famous scenery. The East Shore Road began construction in 1911 and was finally completed in 1946. A roundtrip on these shoreline roadways takes in about 90 miles of Flathead Lake's splendid beauty.

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