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Cadillac Ranch

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Cadillac Ranch - Amarillo, Texas

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   One of America's most quirky roadside attractions, the Cadillac Ranch, continues to draw in a steady stream of visitors year after year. Cadillac Ranch Caddie - Amarillo, Texas Doubling as an artist's canvas, a line of vintage Cadillacs were set face down in the dirt, ranging in years from 1948 to 1963. With tail fins pointing skyward, their multi-colored paint jobs do little to disguise the Cadillacís iconic appearance.
   A famous Route 66 attraction since they were first planted in 1974, the name Cadillac Ranch has now been duplicated throughout America. Copied by restaurant owners, the title of a motion picture, a Springsteen song and covered by every imaginable type of media outlet, Cadillac Ranch Artists - Amarillo, Texas the intrigue of the Cadillac Ranch and its name has no signs of slowing. Financed by late billionaire Stanley Marsh 3 Cadillac Ranch Entrance Gate - Amarillo, Texas and built by the Ant Farm, the Ranch was one of many Marsh-related art endeavors. Relocated a few miles further to the west from the growing City of Amarillo, the Cadillacs were reburied along the I-40 frontage road in 1997.
   Briefly repainted several times for specific projects and a commemorative occasion, the cars were seen as a blank canvas and quickly enticed a fresh coat of graffiti. Even thought the cars have been stripped of everything that wasn't welded in place, and spray paint cans litter the grounds, not even a muddy pool seems stall the enthusiasm for a one-time, but fleeting claim to fame.

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