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Saint Teresa of Avila

Saint Teresa of Avila

Photo by Meri Cheatham

Spanish influences are woven throughout California's communities and its history. An early Spanish explorer, Sebastian Vizcaíno, set out for the California coast in 1602. Friars accompanied his expedition and made efforts to evangelize and convert the area's natives. During this expedition, mass was celebrated from San Diego and all the way to the southern Oregon. After a lull in direct Spanish influence, a renewed effort took place in the 1800s. In the north coast region new parishes were built, keeping pace with a growing population.
Sitting proudly upon a slight rise in Bodega is Saint Teresa of Avila. It was constructed with redwood by a few of New England's ship carpenters and dedicated on June 2, 1861. This charming church building was added to California's Registered Historic Landmark's in 1968.



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