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Navesink Light Station

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Navesink Light Station - Highlands, New Jersey

Photos by Amanda Haddox
Amanda Haddox Photography

     The New Jersey Highlands coastal region, topped off by Mount Mitchell, is one of the highest points on the eastern seaboard. Here, the coastline and New York's Lower Harbor is protected from the Atlantic Ocean by a long peninsula called Sandy Hook. Once an Army proving ground for weapons testing, the Sandy Hook area is primarily under direction of the Gateway National Recreation Area, a place for miles of beach fun and seaside Navesink Twin Towers - Highlands, New Jerseyactivities.
     The Navesink Light Station looks over a southern reaches of Sandy Hook and Lower New York Bay, and marks the beginning of the Navesink River. This ornate castle-like structure, one of America's few twin tower beacons, rests on top of a Navesink Highlands hillside. New Jersey's State Park Service, along with the Twin Lights Historical Society and Rumson Garden Club, have financed the refurbishment of the twin turrets. Now a museum and state historic site, the light station has become one of the popular highlights on the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route.
     While the importance of the light diminished over time and was discontinued in 1952, the state reactivated the light in the north tower. One of the bright spot in Highlands, the lighthouse remains an active (private) aid to navigation. This view shows off the north tower light that continues to shine over the New Jersey coastline. Staten Island's city lights sparkle in the distance across the harbor, creating a magical evening scene.

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