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Goat Island Light

Goat Island Light - Newport, Rhode Island

Photos by Ben Prepelka

      Creating miles of additional coastline for the tiny state of Rhode Island, the Narragansett Bay forms New England's largest estuary. Covering nearly 150 square miles, the bay functions as a nature harbor and playground for millions every year. Here along the coast visitors enjoy watching everything from sailboats to seals, and the entire bustle on the bay. Extending into Massachusetts, the bay includes more than 30 islands and plenty of waterway hazards.
     A unique collection of lighthouses are spread throughout the bay, with no two looking alike. The Newport Harbor Lighthouse, also known as the Goat island Light, is one of the bay's active lighthouses. Named Goat Island by some of Rhode Island's first settlers, the island was used to pasture goats. Defense of the harbor brought about the construction of Fort Wolcott, first named Fort Anne in 1703. Following the Civil War, the complex was set up as the Naval Torpedo Station in 1869.
     Today, the Goat Island Light is easily seen from Newport. A causeway extends out to Goat Island where the 35 foot granite tower occupies the northern tip of Goat Island. Goat Island Light and the Hyatt Regency Hotel Tucked behind the massive Hyatt Regency Hotel, it takes a little imagination to weave through the hotel grounds in order to drive out to see the distinct green light. Although the lighthouse was refurbished in 2005, a large rust stain mars the beauty of the tower (partially muted in this black and white composition). A chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation (ALF) was responsible for raising funds to begin tower restoration. Since the 2005 restoration, the tower is lit with a fixed green light visible for 11 miles into Narragansett Bay. The 170 year old Newport Harbor Lighthouse is one of the few harbor lighthouses easily seen from land.



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