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Lime Kiln Lighthouse

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Lime Kiln Lighthouse - Friday Harbor, Washington

Photos by Jim Stiles
Jim Stiles Photography

     San Juan Island, part of the Puget Sound archipelago, lies near the Canadian border and the City of Victoria on Vancouver Island. This large cluster of islands is one of the most popular seaside destinations in Washington State. A popular vacation spot, the San Juan Island group receives less than half the annual rainfall as Seattle and brags of 247 days of sunshine.
      Lime Kiln State Park is located on the western edge of San Juan Island, adjacent Haro Strait. Lime Kiln Lighthouse - Lime Kiln State Park, San Juan Island, WA This passageway, leading to British Columbia, is a major shipping channel. The job of keeping ships on course fell to the Lime Kiln Lighthouse, built in 1914. The 38 foot, octagonal tower was the last major navigational aid built in Washington State.
     The island's lime kiln, operating during the mid 1800s, lead to this unusual name for the area and the lighthouse. Sitting up on the rocky coast, the park is surrounded by 36 acres of rugged shoreline. The day-use park not only makes a great perch for a lighthouse, but also makes for an ideal viewpoint for migrating whales and resident orcas. Pods frequent the straits, drawing in tourists as well as scientists interested in whale movements and behavior habits.

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