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A Still Sierra Morning

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Bench Lake and Arrow Peak - John Muir Trail, Fresno County, California

Photos by Steve Wolfe
Steve's Taboose Pass Hike

   Kings Canyon National Park, Shooting Star - John Muir Trail, Fresno County, California east of Fresno, is tucked in among California's rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains. The main park road, the only road, enters from the west and offers a limited view of the park and Kings Canyon. The remainder of the park's 400,000 plus acres take in one of the most remote sections of mountainous country in the United States. Although numerous side roads along U.S. Route 395, east of the Sierra Nevada Range, wind their way up into the foothills, the John Muir Trail is a route that guarantees you'll see some of the most spectacular in the West. This 200 mile footpath connects Yosemite National Park with Mount Whitney and skips across some of the highest peaks in the range. Noted for thousands of alpine lakes, mountain meadows, snow-capped peaks and one of the mildest climates of any major mountain range in the world, American Pika - John Muir Trail, Fresno County, California the John Muir Trail has been voted one of the best backpacking trips in the world.
   For Steve Wolfe it's a still Sierra morning, and already deep into Kings Canyon backcountry Steve's on his way to Taboose Pass. And what a morning it is ... waking to this stunning view of Arrow Peak and a beautiful Bench Lake reflection. Arrow Peak reaches nearly 13,000 feet and requires an additional four mile trek from lakeside to the mountaintop. Found along a spur from John Muir Trail, this undaunted photographer has earned a reward with a series of stunning High Sierra images.

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