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Hite Crossing

Hite Crossing

Photo by Roger Gillette

The Dirty Devil River joins the Colorado nearby Hites Crossing, Utah. Pictured here is the muddy Colorado as it flows through Narrow Canyon at Hite. It's undecided whether to blame the mud-stained water on recent rain or the Dirty Devil. Estimates calculate the Colorado River moves 500,000 pounds of silt every day into Lake Powell. In the Grand Canyon, it's the Supai rock layer's iron oxide that stain the canyon cliffs and give the river its reddish hue.
A view from Hite Overlook, on top the mesa, offers spectacular views of the Glen Canyon Recreation Area and Lake Powell. The Glen Canyon Dam is some 190 miles away and from this overlook, visitors get some idea of the immense size of a sprawling Lake Powell, as well as a panoramic look at this scenic countryside.



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