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Cedar Point Light

Cedar Point Lighthouse

Photo by Jack Ryan
Zenfolio Gallery

     A thin Cedar Point peninsula juts out into Lake Erie, covering half the entrance to Ohio's Sandusky Bay. By 1839 two lighthouses, Cedar Point and Marblehead, marked the entrance to the bay, signaling a warning of dangerous shoals. The peninsula is also home to one of the oldest amusement parks in America. Mention Cedar Point and what comes to mind is the Best Amusement Park in the World. Its 364 acres on the peninsula are home to 75 rides and a record amount of roller coaster rides.
     The park, nearing the 140 year mark, has seen the investment of millions of dollars, keeping the atmosphere fresh and exciting. And rather than removing the old Cedar Point light-station after its acquisition in 1990, park planners opted to develop the northwest section of Cedar Point. Lighthouse refurbishment was completed in 2001 and includes a waterfront community with cottages and cabins at Lighthouse Point.



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