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Cape Alava

Cape Alava

Photo by Eric Noel
Cape Alava – Sand Point Gallery

     The Olympic Coastal Strip, made up of national parkland and Indian reservations, covers over 75 miles of Washington’s shoreline. One of the most popular back-country hikes leads out to the coast at Cape Alava and Sand Point. Broken into a trio of three mile sections, the Cape Alava – Sand Point trail loop leads its hikers over a mix of boardwalks and gravel pathways to a treasure trove of forest beauty and rugged coastline.
     From Sekiu and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Hoko-Ozette Road leads southwest to the Ozette Ranger Station and the trailhead. The trail presents its first challenge right away, choosing a tougher route first to Cape Alava, or the easier path to Sand Point. Either trail acquaints its visitors to a red cedar, Sitka spruce rainforest, lined with mosses and ferns, plus small meadows and marshes. Overhead, hawks, eagles, and ravens keep a keen eye on each new contingent of forest invaders.
     Reaching the shoreline means a fresh landscape, dressed with sea stacks, intimate coves, shorebirds, and the area’s namesake, Ozette Island. At Sandy Point, a smooth sandy crescent is covered in a disorderly collection of giant driftwood logs. Park rangers placed a strong emphasis on knowing tide times and heights, as high tide severely complicates beach hiking.



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