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Fishing Creek Valley Farm

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Fishing Creek Valley Farm - Benton, Pennsylvania

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   The area surrounding Pennsylvania’s Fishing Creek, a 30 mile long tributary of the Susquehanna River, has attracted human inhabitants for a very long time. Part of a five county river basin, only recently has the river shown signs of stress. Best known as a trout stream of the highest quality in central Pennsylvania, the river and its resident brown, brook and rainbow trout have begun to choke on algae blooms, tainted by leaking septic systems and weakened by acid rain.
   Here in the Fishing Creek Valley, some of Pennsylvania’s 63,000 farming families rely on a quality river system. Attempting to be good stewards of the land, area farmers must walk a tight balance between the use of fertilizers and pesticides and keeping the ground water and rivers free from pollution. Encouraged by Clean and Green incentives, Pennsylvania leads the nation in protected farmland and forests. Today, farmers in general face stiffer competition, problems associated with land overuse, urban sprawl, sustainability and the costs of fuel, pesticides and fertilizers.
   The peaceful farm setting in the Fishing Creek Valley may well represent the hard working Pennsylvania farmer. Its underlying problems, caused by modern techniques, remain unseen from a casual glance by Maple Grove Road passersby. Aside from these growing concerns, we find there’s something extra special and soothing about a peaceful farm scene.

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