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Campbell's Covered Bridge Historic Site

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Campbell's Covered Bridge Historic Site - South Carolina

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Appearing in great shape since the last restoration work in 1990, this modest 35 foot bridge has endured South Carolina's Upcountry weather for over a century. Built in 1909, Campbell's Bridge was one of four covered bridges built in northern Greenville County and is now the only remaining covered bridge in the state. Entrance Sign - Campbell's Covered Bridge Historic Site, South Carolina The bridge crosses Beaver Creek near Tigerville and was closed to vehicle traffic in the early 1980s. The Campbell name reflects ownership of the surrounding property where Alexander Lafayette Campbell, a Highland Township resident, ran a grist mill on his 194 acre plot just downstream of the bridge.
     The historic bridge, built by Charles I. Willis, used a four-span Howe truss. The pinewood trusses were beefed up with one inch diameter vertical iron rods. A major refurbishment took place in 1964, and a more recent Boy Scout project Head on view - Campbell's Covered Bridge Historic Site, South Carolina added additional improvements in 1990. Since the Greenville County Recreation Department has acquired the property in 2008, they've developed a hillside park surrounding the bridge. Although it's listed as a passive park, it's complete with a gravel parking lot, story boards, picnic tables and of course, a pathway to the bridge. Plenty of well placed road signs lead bridge aficionados to this rare treasure. A cluster of state parks nearby, found along the Cherokee Foothills National Scenic Highway, takes in a terrific scenic section of South Carolina's Upcountry.

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