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Lybrook Badlands

Lybrook Badlands  - Lybrook, New Mexico

Photos by Cecil Whitt
Wilderness Spirit Photography

     Not yet reaching the fame of Teddy Roosevelt’s badlands of North Dakota, but the San Juan Basin in New Mexico is beginning to gather a fair amount of attention. Attracting photographers from many parts of the world, it's easy to say these scenic wonders are enticing a rare breed of adventurer. Resting on a high desert plain in the northwest corner of New Mexico, the only advertised attraction here is the Chaco Culture National Historical Park.
     Access to any of these fantastic collections of mystical hoodoos and bizarre rock formation depend on those who have written of their own experiences. Here on U.S. Route 550, travelers whiz right by the Bisti Badlands, Lybrook and De-Na-Zin wilderness. Not too far from the highway this land of fanciful shaped LybrookBadlandsSV formations and uniquely colored rock layers wait for their occasional visitors.
     Born in the Cretaceous Period, four distinct layers of sandstone, shale and coal are covered in thick layer of caprock. Although scarred by gas wells and access roads, persistent photographs have managed to find some of the most striking areas of the San Juan Basin Badlands, including the Lybrook Badlands. Although overnight stays may be very memorable, most adventurers are content to scour this wilderness for a perfect setting and hope for a descending sun to bring out the full colors of the landscape. Capped off with orange rim rocks, these photographic views give a great intro to Lybrook Badlands.

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