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Lapakahi State Historic Park

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Lapakahi State Historic Park

Photos by Ginny West

   Koala, the oldest of the Big Island's (Hawaii) volcanoes, hasn't erupted for 60,000 years. The Coconut Palm - Lapakahi State Historic Park, Hawaii volcanic remnants of the sleeping Koala and the Kohala Mountains dominate this northern point of the island and create a very dry climate on the leeward side. The Akiona Pule Highway (Route 270) leads to Kapa'a Beach Park and also the remains of an old Hawaiian village.
   Considered a sacred site by many Hawaiians, the ruins of Koai'e Cove date back to the 15th century. Partially restored, the Lapakahi State Historic Park offers a mile long, self-guided loop tour through this ancient fishing village. The tour route of this 265 acre park offers insight into early Hawaiian fishing and farming techniques. Lapakahi's interpretive kiosk explains how early natives used Windswept black lava shoreline - Lapakahi State Historic Park, Hawaiihau wood and the methods for canoe building. The trail guide also describes the different patterns woven baskets made from hala leaves, and the medicinal properties of local noni fruit. Ancient diets consisted of fruit, vegetables and seafood, with portions of every catch left at the shrine to the fishing god, Ku'ula. The park's shoreline is designated a Marine Life Conservation District, protecting near shore habitats, fish populations and coastal ecosystems. Striving to prevent overuse, snorkeling and swimming are highly discouraged, but locals suggest it's permissible.

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