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Wildlife Canyon Byway

Wildlife Canyon Byway - Idaho

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Stretching from the Canadian border southward to Nevada, Idaho presents 82,677 square miles of majestic beauty. Idaho Elk Varied from saw-toothed mountains and exhilarating rivers to beautiful rolling farmland and high desert sand dunes, Idaho's 30 scenic byways guide visitors through a majority of the state's scenic wonders.
     The Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway, just a short drive from Boise, offers 33 miles of splendid canyon scenery. Known for its elk herds, mule and whitetail deer, chukkas, cougars, bears and wolves, this byway has a way to turn a scenic drive into an exciting wildlife excursion. For water lovers, the byway follows the powerful South Fork of the Payette River. Wildlife Canyon Marker Byway travelers are treated to the antics of river-runners as they tackle Class IV and V rapids. As with many of Idaho's rivers, anglers are drawn to the marvelous challenges of trout fishing. Listed as a threatened species, bull trout enjoy the cold waters along the byway. Here, anglers are warned possession of bull trout can result in a 200 dollar fine. So, be safe and let it go if you don't know.
     For avid sightseers, the Wildlife Canyon Byway (following the Banks-Lowman Road) connects two other scenic byways. Taking all three drives, the Payette River Byway, the Wildlife Canyon Byway and the Ponderosa Pine Byway, guarantees a delightful sampling of Idaho's precious scenic wonders.

    Wildlife Canyon Byway Map


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