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Mount Kanaga

Mount Kanaga - Alaska

Photo by Bob Fagley
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     World War II in Europe had ended, but the Japanese desperately continued to defend the territory that they had amassed in the Pacific. Often noted as turning points in the Pacific war, the 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea and a devastating defeat at the Battle of Midway halted any new Japanese offensives in the Pacific. During mid-year 1943, a little closer to home on the Aleutian Islands, U.S. military forces had re-taken Attu and Kiska which earlier had been occupied by Japan.
     The Aleutian Arc, a chain of more than 300 small volcanic islands, extends almost 1200 miles westward from the Alaska Peninsula. Located near the mid-point on the long island chain, Adak became a major base with ordnance shops and a naval base. Soldiers stationed on Adak occasionally had time for recreation and took photos which they could send back home to loved ones. Located on the Ring of Fire, the Aleutian Islands have an abundance of volcanoes. Mount Kanaga, a 4280 foot stratovolcano, is clearly visible from Adak providing a center of interest for this dramatic sunset photo. Its most recent eruption was in 1994, about 50 years after this photograph was taken.
     This Mount Kanaga image, taken on slide film in mid 40s, was converted to a digital file. After scanning the slide and saving in digital format, several photo editing packages were used to shake off the dust. Although it doesn't look quite like the original, photo editors manage to restore old photos by smoothing out the wrinkles and returning most of the vivid colors.



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