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Jackson Town Square

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Jackson Hole Town Square - Jackson, Wyoming

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   One of a family of famous and prominent Jacksons, David E. Jackson was born in Tygart Valley of today's West Virginia (1788). His hunting and fur-trapping skills were mastered in the upper portions of Wyoming during his 30s when he formed a partnership with William Sublette and Jedediah Smith. Called the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, the trio trapped and traded beaver pelts along the upper Missouri River. At that time mountain-men referred to valleys as holes. And Jackson's hunting companion, William Sublette, named the broad valley south of Yellowstone Jackson's Hole. Jackson became the butt of many jokes, and finally the possessive was kindly dropped and the valley name became Jackson Hole.
      Jackson Square Entrance The town of Jackson eventually prospered when trappers gathered there every summer to hawk their pelts. The town's folk, along with a large herd of elk, discovered that the protected valley was a great area to winter over. The Jackson Town Square, pictured here, shows off one of four entrance arches made of elk antlers. The square became the center for an annual antler auction, conducted by the boy scouts. The elk's antlers are sold in lots to artisans, craftsmen and merchants. Others are used to make repairs to these iconic entrance arches.
   With a majestic Teton Range and the incredible Yellowstone National Park just to the north, Jackson has become a yearlong tourist mecca. Rated as one of the top adventure towns by National Geographic, Jackson attracts thousands of vacationers, hikers, sightseers and photographers throughout the summer season. The outdoor excitement doesn't stop once summer is over. Here, Jackson Hole is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. Offering snow-coach tours, plus skiing, snowboarding, snow-tubing and cross-country activities at three world-class ski resorts, Jackson Hole is the place for a snow vacation. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort boasts one of the longest, steepest vertical drops of any ski area in North America.

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