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Hamburg Mill

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Hamburg Mill, Hamburg State Park, Georgia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Hamburg State Park, centered on a 225 acre lake, Hamburg Lake, Hamburg State Park, GA combines typical park amenities with a 90 year old grist mill to create one of Georgia’s unique recreation outlets. Located near Jewell, the park offers a pleasant mix of water related activities with the charm of a historic mill.
     Here on the Little Ogeechee River, the area’s written history began with the arrival of the Warthen family. Rewarded for their part in the Revolutionary War, the North Carolina family took advantage of a bounty land grant and moved to the Little Ogeechee site in the 1790s. The Warthens went on to establish the first grist mill in Washington County, just a short distance from today’s Hamburg Mill. Located about six miles from a major trading post, the mill enjoyed a great deal of success, trading their mill products with area residents and Natives.
     The property changed hands several times over the years when the Gilmore brothers arrived and acquired the mill site. By 1921 the Gilmore farm was established, a mill dam was built to provide a constant flow of water to the mill seat and George Gilmore Sr. erected a turbine-powered mill and cotton gin. The mill remained productive for 40 years Hamburg Mill Building, Hamburg State Park, GA while competition grew from large-scale mills and bakeries. By the late 1960s the property was conveyed to the state and Hamburg State Park was created.
     The mill operates on special occasions and invites its guest to explore its museum displays. During the third Saturday of September the park celebrates its Fall Harvest Festival. Arts and craft displays keep the adults busy while the children play games. The miller takes this opportunity to run the mill equipment and explain the workings of this historic landmark.

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