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Old Scituate Lighthouse

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Old Scituate Lighthouse - Scituate, Massachusetts

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Located on Boston's South Shore, Scituate is best known for its prominent lighthouse (one of America's oldest light-stations), the Old Oaken Bucket Homestead, Lawson Tower, and its famous Army of Two. Scituate’s natural harbor is small, and navigating into the well protected cove always proved difficult. Old Scituate Light Its shallow water and mud flats raised concerns and the need for a lighthouse was elevated to the United States Congress in 1811.
     Completed in 1812, light keeper Simeon Bates and his family moved into the keeper’s cottage along the long narrow spit to watch over the new lighthouse. The Bates family soon discovered that it wasn't going to be a peaceful stay. As British warships cruised up and down the coast during the War of 1812, troops entered the harbor and set fire to Scituate's fishing fleet. Later in the summer, the oldest Bates girls were left at the light-station when the remainder of the family went to town for supplies. Rebecca and Abigail soon spied a warship off the coast, with a barge of Redcoats headed for shore. The sisters picked up a fife and drum and hide behind a grove of cedars. When the British approached, the sister created as much noise as possible. Fearing the town’s militia nearby, the Redcoats retreated back to their ship.
     It's quiet around the old Scituate Light-station today. Replaced by a lighthouse on Minot's Point, the Old Scituate light was dimmed in 1860. Languishing and in need of repair for years, the Scituate Historical Society stepped in. The lighthouse was relit, the spalling brick replaced, and a fresh coat of paint has the lighthouse looking new. The lighthouse grounds are easily accessible and open house tours are held during the summer months.

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