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Cape Henlopen State Park

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Cape Henlopen State Park - Lewes, Delaware

Photos by Marty Straub
Marty Straub Photography

     Cape Henlopen, Heavy Gun - Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware site of Delaware's largest state park, juts out into the Atlantic with its Great Dune rising almost 80 feet. Being one of the most prominent points along the Atlantic seaboard, Henlopen made an excellent World War II observation post. Breakwater Light - Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware Remnants of Fort Miles remain, including heavy guns, concrete batteries, barracks and observation towers.
     The Cape Henlopen area became America's first public land Observation Towers - Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware when William Penn preserved this section of shoreline in 1682. Nearly three centuries later the Department of Defense turned over 543 acres of the cape to the state, creating the opportunity to form a state park. Today, park boundaries have expanded well beyond the original borders, taking in 5200 acres.
     Besides being a popular beach for sunbathers, anglers and swimmers, the park offers biking routes, hiking trails, disc golf and camping. But there's no doubt the biggest draw is the six miles of beach and famous walking dune. The Delaware coastline is constantly changing. Since 1850, Cape Henlopen's sands have shifted a mile to the north, encroaching on the breakwater and its lighthouse.

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