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Star Valley

Star Valley - Wyoming

Photo by Steve Shames
Steve's Photo Gallery

     A large majority of Wyoming’s visitors and sightseers head off to the wonderlands of Yellowstone and the majestic Grand Teton Mountains; and rightfully so! There are so many reasons that these scenic wonders are some of the most popular national parks.
     For those with an unhurried schedule, more remarkable scenery continues southward. After the Grand Tetons, U.S Route 89 turns south at Alpine and the Palisades Reservoir. This scenic route parallels the Idaho border to the west, and to the east lies the Salt River Range. First settled by a group of hardy Mormons in the 1870s, the beautiful valley was declared the star of valleys. Not only favored for its grand scenery, herds of dairy cows flourished in the area, giving birth to creameries and cheese factories.
     By the 1930s, area farmers began suffering heavy losses due to soil erosion and reduced field capacity. Remedial efforts fell to local farmers and ranchers, guided by leaders of the Star Valley Conservation District. Born out of the Dust Bowl, the need to improved agricultural practices became clear.
     Today, Star Valley residents are proud of their cultural and heritage, citing their valley is a great place to live. A string of small towns are spaced along the highway, and now depend more on tourism rather than agriculture. This farm scene, near Smoot and highlighted by the Salt River Range, reminds use that the area remains dry and relies heavily on irrigation and sound farming practices.



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