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Meyers Beach

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Meyers Beach - Gold Beach, Oregon

Photos by Jim Stiles
Jim Stiles Photography

   Lined with breathtaking cliffs, long sandy beaches and expansive ocean views, Oregon's 363 miles of coastline appears endless at times. Mile after mile, Route 101 is lined with state parks, scenic viewpoints and natural areas. Unlike most other states, Oregon's coastal region is wide open to the public.
   This awesome night scene at Meyers Beach shows just how dramatic the Oregon Coast can be. This beach, set among the towering dunes of the southern coastline, is about halfway between the Pistol River and Cape Sebastian State Park. The pistol of Pistol River is thought to be linked with the Rogue River Indian War. Who would have imagined that losing one's sidearm would lead to a name for this beautiful beach area.
   Heading south on U.S, Route 101, about seven miles from the Gold Beach Visitor Center, seaside travelers will find a half dozen pull outs along the highway. Here, Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint is made up of three sections of beach located both north and south of the Pistol River. Dune trails, equestrian paths, and natural pathways are woven throughout the overlooking dunes. Sea Stacks -  Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint, OR Said to be a photographer's dreamland, its unmarred beach sands, sea grasses, and driftwood stacks create a multitude of scenes, textures, grains and colors. Used in hundreds of commercials and the subject of countless photographs, Meyer's Beach makes up the northern section of the Pistol River State Park.
   Resident waterfowl and migratory birds, set against this beautiful backdrop, greet Oregon's avid bird watchers. This gathering of sea stacks and sea arches not only offers a marvelous seascape, but creates a haven for a varied collection of sea creatures. Tidepooling is another great way to appreciate nature in this extraordinary park.

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