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Hayes Covered Bridge

Hayes Covered Bridge

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     For those not yet familiar with Central Pennsylvania's countryside, it's a land of broad rolling hills, painted in contrasting shades of green and tan farmland. Seldom used rural roads lead from one picturesque farm to another.
     This setting, nearby Mifflinburg, introduces the 70 foot long Hayes Bridge, built in 1882. Located over Buffalo Creek, this kingpost bridge uses the world's oldest truss design. Ancient Babylonian records indication the kingpost design dates back to 783 B.C., with covered bridges crossing the Euphrates.
     At one time, Pennsylvania led the country in the number of covered bridges with as many as 1,500 scattered across the state. The Susquehanna Valley Visitors Bureau has issued a detailed brochure featuring 17 covered bridges in central Pennsylvania. Tracking down some of these historic treasures makes for a fun-filled afternoon in one of Pennsylvania's most scenic valleys.



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