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Long Bayou - Florida

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Following a natural progression of development, Great Egret Florida's largest west coast metro area quickly grew up around the huge Tampa Bay. Today, the cities of Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater leave little distinction between their boundaries. From a map view, it's easy to see the layout of this natural harbor. What is easily missed are all the small coves, estuaries and back-bay bayous.
     The heavily populated Pinellas County peninsula lies protected by Pinellas Trail over Long Bayou a long string of coastal barrier islands. The inviting clear Gulf waters and white-sand beaches are extra special here on the west coast, having entertained Florida beach-goers for centuries. Tucked inside this strip of barrier islands is Boca Ceiga Bay and Long Bayou, both providing a tropical waterfront for thousands of residents. Boating, fishing and water-sports are king on the Pinellas peninsula. These calm inland waterways, with a very forgiving tide, make an ideal resort atmosphere for its residents and visitors.
     The overland Pinellas Trail has recently offered a challenged to these water-related activities is . Stretching 34 miles from Tarpon Springs to St. Petersburg, the hiking-biking trail Long Bayou Kayakers (inset - PT over Long Bayou) links some of the county's most picturesque parks. Eight overpasses and bridges allow trail-goers to avoid some of the west coast's heaviest traffic. Taking advantage of easy-on, easy-off entrance-exit points, trail users now average 90,000 per month. The online guide to the Pinellas Trail offers a detailed look at all the trailís segments. Now, water-lovers and land lubbers may enjoy St. Petersburg's healthy beaches and the 44 square mile Long Bayou, plus one of Florida's premier urban trails.

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