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Kahuna Overlook

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Kahuna Overlook - Snake River, Wyoming

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   One of the last strongholds for a huge variety of wildlife, including the most noticeable elk and buffalo herds, Yellowstone National Park is also a sightseer’s paradise. With one of the largest collection of geysers, caldrons and colorful hot springs, the world's first national park attracts visitors from around the globe.
   Aside from the park's famous geysers and wildlife, the park is also surrounded by a string of majestic mountain ranges which are carved up by four major rivers. In the eastern section of the park the Yellowstone River and its Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and spectacular waterfalls are some of the most famous river sights.
   The more adventurous park visitors come to experience the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone's wilder side, exploring the backcountry on foot, fishing its remarkably scenic streams, and canoeing and kayaking its pristine rivers. Here at the southern extremes of the park the Lewis River joins the Snake River and heads southward. Snake River Canyon River-runner For a brief section, the Snake River parallels U.S. Route 26/89 near Alpine and allows visitors to gaze down on the Snake River, the Lunch Counter and the Big Kahuna rapids.
   Contrary to rational thought, the rapids, which are funneled through the Snake River Canyon, are a little tamer during late spring when the river is high. River-runners enjoy an easier trip over the rapids, but it’s still a thrill ride on the huge wave train. When the water slows in late summer and fall, releases from the Jackson Lake Dam guarantee the Lunch Counter and Big Kahuna rapids continue to live up to their reputations.

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