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Grey Towers

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Grey Towers National Historic Landmark - Milford, Pennsylvania

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Three fieldstone corner towers inspired the name Grey Towers for this Front Facade - Grey Towers NHL, Milford, Pennsylvania eastern Pennsylvania mansion. Conceived as a summer home for James W. Pinchot and his family, the 43 room, L-shaped chateau was completed in 1886. Built mainly of local materials, the Pinchot summer retreat was set on a plot of 3000 acres overlooking the Delaware River nearby Milford, Pennsylvania.
   When son Gifford and Cornelia Pinchot made Grey Towers their regular summer home, an extensive round of improvements began. A terrace, swimming pool Formal Garden - Grey Towers NHL, Milford, Pennsylvania and the famed finger bowl were added, and many interior walls were removed to open up the small room partitions.
   Grey Towers was donated to the U.S. Forest Service in 1963, a very fitting gift as Gifford Pinchot's life was dedicated to the forestry cause. Pinchot, part of the Roosevelt Conservation Era, was the driving force behind establishment of the National Forest Service. Once in the hands of the USFS, it became apparent that restoration to Grey Towers was necessary. The plan for refurbishment began in the 1980s and renovations were completed in 2001. Mansion tours are now available for this National Historic Landmark on the hour for a modest fee.

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