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Gates Handyside House

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Gates Handyside House - Bedford Historic District, Ohio

Photos by Sam Prepelka

     Once an important stop-over point between Pittsburgh Bedford Town Square - Ohio and Cleveland, today the city of Bedford is a wonderful hub for Cuyahoga Valley National Park visitors. Early settlers were attracted to the potential of waterpower on nearby Tinker's Creek and the abundant resources of this Western Reserve territory. Bedford Town Hall - Ohio Prosperous businessmen displayed their wealth with fine architecture and lavish furnishings. Today the Bedford Historic District includes a public square and a wonderful collection of historic buildings built between 1890 and 1920.
     Here on Broadway Avenue, the Gates Handyside Home is a fine example of Queen Anne revival style architecture. A Victorian Era design, the home is a private residence of a descendant of the original family. Completed in 1893, members of the Gates family were prominent mill owners in early Bedford near the Great Falls of Tinker's Creek.
     Bedford's Town Hall is another example of architecture in the Historic District. Built in a classical design, the three story brick building on the Public Square follows a distinct Second Empirical style.
     A festival city with many seasonal events, Bedford is a wonderful stop with plenty of charm and many elegant historic landmarks.

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