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Glamorgan Castle

Glamorgan Castle

Photo and Feature Article
by Monnie Ryan
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     The Carnation City, Alliance, Ohio, is home for 25,000 residents. The Alliance name is fitting as four smaller communities were unified as one. One of the outstanding residences of the town dates back to the early 1900s, when William Henry Morgan built his castle. Morgan, a man of various talents, rarely operated on a small scale. His original design for Glamorgan Castle, left in the hands of architect Willard Hirsh, turned out to be quite an elaborate endeavor, with construction taking five years.
     Today, the baronial home is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The three floor structure, with costs reaching 400,000 dollars, is supported with a 100 ton structural steel framework, featuring 13 inch thick Vermont Marble Walls, and roof material of copper and tile. Modern features include an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, billiard room, a detached garage and the capability to produced its own electricity. Each year, thousands view this hundred year old home and enjoy its history and elegant details.



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