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Wrink's Market

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Wrink's Market - Missouri

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Passing through three time zones and eight states, historic Route 66 carried the 20th century through bustling cities and a host of small towns from Chicago to Santa Monica. Today, some of these Route 66 memories are relived in neon-lit motels, old roadside diners and filling stations. Fascinating stories of Route 66 (the Mother Road) are waiting to be rediscovered just off the interstate.
   Here in Lebanon, Missouri, Route 66 fans are treated to stay at the Munger Moss Motel, a vintage auto court that's served travelers for well over 50 years. Munger Moss Motel sign Although the iconic Bell Restaurant has recently closed, Wrink's Market, nearby the Munger Moss Motel, has reopened.
   Glen Wrinkle first opened his market in 1950, selling sandwiches, sodas, snacks, and Route 66 curios. Unfortunately Glen Wrink passed away in 2005 at the age of 82, having greeted patrons at the market for 55 years. The store closed for a few years until Glenn's son Terry decided to reopen and carry on the family tradition. Citing rising utilities, stiff competition and the nation's dismal economy, Terry called it quits after a few years of giving his best. In that time Terry says he learned a lot about his dad, his dad's old customers and people’s enthusiasm about Route 66. As luck would have it, Wrink's Market is open once again serving Arbuckle Mountain fried pies and Arbuckle Ariosa Coffee. Operating as the Old-New Wrink's Market, D.C. Decker's Cowboy Emporium occupies Wrink's old establishment as a restaurant and part western art museum. It’s great to see the We're Open sign in the window once again.

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