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Southford Falls

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Southford Falls - Southbury, Connecticut

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Southford Falls State Park, located near Southbury in western Connecticut, occupies a land of Iapetos Terrane. Land that was once an ancient seabed was forced deep within the earth (subducted), turning ancient sediments into a super heated metamorphic rock. The Collinsville Formation, another layer of park rock, is made up of quartz, banded gneiss, biotite and muscovite.
   Soon after park visitors enter the parking lot, with the sounds of waterfalls beckoning, they'll soon forget about our geology lesson of the day, anxious to see the falls. Covered Bridge - Southford Falls State Park, CT Once the site of the Diamond Match Company, the Papermill Pond flows over a spillway, drops into a lovely waterfall, and then cascades down Eight Mile Brook. Following the brook for a short distance, visitors will easily spot a barn red covered bridge. Utilizing an 1804 Theodore Burr design, the 45 foot wooden bridge spans Eight Mile Brook and leads to a two mile loop trail.
     The park's covered bridge makes a pretty background for engagement and weddings portraits. Picnic tables, a perfect spot on the lake for lunch, round out the amenities. It's not a large park, but the waterfalls, bridge and Eight Mill Brook cascades are always crowd pleasers.

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