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Shi Shi Beach

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Shi Shi Beach -  Ozette, Washington

Photos by Jim Stiles
Eric Noel Photography

     Taking up nearly a million acres on the Olympic Peninsula, the Olympic National Park boasts of three distinct eco systems. Shi Shi Cantilevered Bridge The majority of the park, nearly 95 percent, is covered in pure wilderness area. From the Pacific beaches, the terrain quickly climbs inland toward glacier capped mountain peaks. Park experiences here range from a walk through a rain forest, to wildlife watching and mountain hiking in a sub-alpine setting.
     For beach-lovers, a day hike to Shi Shi Beach is a must. One of the latest additions to the park, Shi Shi (shy shy) Beach is accessible over a two mile trail. Named best natural beach by the Travel Channel, it's easy to imagine the struggle to add this section of parkland in today's market of beachside real estate. Located adjacent to the Makah Reservation, the Makahs have laid out a new trail and boardwalk to the beach. Shi Shi Seastacks For the first mile, beach hikers follow a trail through a Sitka spruce forest, over coastal bogs, and out to the overlooking shoreline bluffs. Here, it's a short descent to the northern end of a two mile beach. No doubt first time Shi Shi beach visitors will marvel at the sea stacks, area caves and natural sea arches. Fascinating tide pools are filled with sea anemones, sea stars, limpets and sea urchins. Beach-goers here are warned to watch the incoming tide, be wary of slippery terrain and the need for overnight permits. Despite the cautionary warning and lengthy walk, the Point of Arches is said to be the most stunning collection of sea stacks you'll ever see. Although there is plenty of competition, this could be the most striking beach in Washington State.

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