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Put in Bay - South Bass Island, Ohio

Photos by Monnie Ryan
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     A sign post on Put in Bay's Boardwalk offers directions to cities on Kimberlys Carousel - Put in Bay, South Bass Island, Ohio all the major compass points, but who'd want to leave this mecca of entertainment. Here on the Boardwalk, with the harbor as a backdrop, all the famous pubs, eateries and recreation venues are at your fingertips. Over the last century the small town has entertained countless guests with formal and casual dining, nightlife, and all types of lake related activities. So it's agreed, all aboard the ferry to island of fun.
     One of the most popular vacation destination on Lake Erie, more than two million people visit the Bass Islands every year. Put in Bay Downtown - South Bass Island, Ohio Nicknamed Key West of the North, Put in Bay is the main attraction. Its wide variety of entertainment and attractions appeal to all generations. A sampling of the attractions include the Butterfly House, Heineman's Winery, Crystal Cave, Aquatic Visitors Center, Duggan's Antique Car Museum, Stonehenge Estate and Kimberly's Carousel - one of the last merry-go-rounds Perry Memorial - South Bass Island, Ohioin the country. It's hard to imagine that all the parks, attractions, amusement centers and people fit on this two by four mile island. A line up of golf carts, bicycles, and mopeds (the island's main modes of transportation), shows that without an excess of automobiles there's plenty of room for everyone.
     South Bass Island, one of a cluster of Lake Erie islands, first appeared on maps and charts as Pudding Bay and Puden Bay in the late 1700s. Caught up in the War of 1812, today the island salutes Commodore Oliver Perry and the victory over the British Navy with a special memorial. Perry used the island for his base of operations during the war. The 1813 naval victory made it possible for U.S. troops to move into Canada and finally defeat the British.

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