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Tanner Rapids Delight

Tanner Rapids - Grand Canyon, Arizona

Photo by Rob Jones
Wilderness Vagabond Trip Report

     The Grand Canyon sees millions of visitors every year. Its 227 mile length contains some of the most overwhelming views on the planet. Most sightseeing is done from the overlooks spaced out along the South Rim. For those taking the trip down into the canyon depths to the Colorado River below, all will pass by hundreds of distinct rock layers laid down millions of years ago. The powerful Colorado River has been slicing away at the rock for eons, carving out a few inches every thousand years. Tired Puppy - Trudging Tanner Here, a descent into the canyon is essentially a trip back in time. Some of the oldest metamorphic rock (Vishnu Schists), found in Granite Gorge, date back 1.7 billion years.
     The Colorado is probably the wildest white-water river in the world. Some 160 sets of rapids churn through the Arizona canyon, queuing up adventure for thousands of rafters every year. Pictured here is the delightful Tanner Rapids, where the repetitive din of cascading water can sooth the weary hiker. The climb down takes a nine and a half mile journey that drops 4700 feet from Lipan Point from the Desert View Drive.



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