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Salmon Falls

Salmon Falls

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     A few centuries ago, the Salmon Falls area was a prime location for salmon and shad returning to their spawning grounds. Native Americans and European settlers enjoyed the bounty of the Deerfield River. The General Court instituted a fishing treaty (1744) along this stretch, keeping the area public for all avid fishermen.
     As industry evolved in Massachusetts, the town of Shelburne Falls joined in. Their first project centered around harnessing the power of the river. A dam spans the Deerfield just above Salmon Falls, creating a mix of natural and manmade waterfalls. The falls are located in the center of the quaint village of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. The salmon fishing and Native Americans are gone, but the falls and glacial potholes remain. Visitors are encouraged to view these natural wonders from an overlook, but a curious few find their way down to the river's edge, enjoying a close-up, hands-on look.



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