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Double-barrel Arch

Double-barrel Arch

Photo by Rob Jones
The Wilderness Vagabond

     Sandwiched between Kaibab and Paria Plateaus, Coyote Wash flows down through a wide valley, just east of Jacob Lake, Arizona. House Rock Valley Road (BLM 1065) follows nearby Coyote Wash and offers desert views to the east were the Vermillion Cliffs taper into the valley. Off to the west lies Paria Plateau. The Kaibab National Forest covers a large area in this locale, including areas on both sides of the Grand Canyon.
     Double-barrel Arch is one of the many natural rock sculptures, hoodoos and spires found along House Rock Valley Road. The arch is perched upon a slickrock island, surrounded by Paria red sands, pinyon pines and scruffy desert vegetation.



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