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Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek - Georgia

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     A recent purchase by the Trust for Public Land and the USDA Forest Service adds 900 acres to Oconee National Forest. Although the addition is dwarfed by the 117,000 acre forest, this acquisition begins to protect the waters of Cedar Creek. Designated as an outstanding remarkable stream, Cedar Creek is one of the tributaries in the Oconee River Watershed. Purchased from the largest landholder in the United States, the funds were obtained from gas and oil royalties collected from public lands.
     Here in the Georgia Piedmont, the Oconee National Forest offers excellent sites for canoeing, hiking, horseback riding and hunting. Receiving water from Cedar Creek, Lake Sinclair presents some of the best bass fishing in the state.
     The Oconee River, one of the major waterways in Georgia, originates in Hall County, Georgia, and passes through the Oconee National Forest on its 220 mile journey to the Atlantic. Cedar Creek, like many of the Oconee River tributaries is compromised by storm water runoff, contaminated surface water and leaking sewer and septic lines. Fertilizer runoff is the second largest form of pollution, sucking oxygen from the water, killing fishing, affecting wildlife and promoting large algae blooms. While the headwaters of Cedar Creek are regarded as good, down-stream from King Branch to Glady Creek have been assessed and labeled as impaired. Hopefully this and other additional land purchases will secure the future of Cedar Creek.

    Cedar Creek Map


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