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Homer's Shed

Homer's Shed - Maine

Photos by Tom Johnston
Tom Johnston Photography

     Loaded with an unorganized collection of interesting bric-a-brac, and looking more like a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post feature, this image breaths Americana and old-fashioned patriotism. In fact, a photograph of Homer's Shed once decorated the Oval Office.
     Here in Port Clyde, Homer kindly let his friends know they could use the shed whenever they needed it. On icy winter days, when it was too cold to be on the waterfront, the dining room table was converted to a hobby shop bench to build model ships from scratch. Located at the end of Saint George Peninsula, one can Port Clyde Waterfrontimage this fascinating village as the subject of many artists and photographers. The busy town once supported granite quarries, lumber mills and a canning business. Its working class charm drew in famed New England artist Andrew Wyeth. Three generations of Wyeth family artists enjoyed the sights, sounds and atmosphere here in Port Clyde.
     Halfway between Portland and Bar Harbor, Port Clyde is not the typical coastal tourist destination. This Maine village, graced by the Marshall Point Lighthouse, is noted for mainly for its lobstering. Supporting one of the largest commercial fleets in Maine, concerned fishermen now worry about the future of this fishing village. Once past the talking stages, a co-op was formed to secure a piece of Port Clyde's waterfront for upcoming generations.



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