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Bushong - Kansas

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     With the discovery of California gold in 1848, anxious Americans back in the east quickly discovered the need for a quicker way to the Pacific. Bushong Bank By the following year, St Louis leaders secured a charter for the Pacific Railroad. Although it was a short run, the inaugural trip propelled leading citizens and officials westward aboard the first train to travel west of the Mississippi River. December 9, 1852, St Louis citizens witnessed the inaugural run of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, later to become a more familiar MoPac. Bushong Garage
     With sights set on a line to the Pacific Ocean, many train depots sprouted up along the railway line. Supplying water and fuel to a thirsty locomotive, towns like Bushong flourished in the Kansas Territory. Although it's often said these rail towns were named after a championship baseball team according to their batting average, others contend rumors die slowly. But, Bushong is still thought to have Bushong Streetbeen named after one of the greatest catchers of the game, A.J. "Doc" Bushong. Initially called Weeks, the town reached its zenith during the mid 1920s, supporting 150 residents, two grocery stores, a hardware store, post office, garage, bank and this two story high school. A fire devastated the town, residents left and buildings were left to deteriorate. Bypassed by more direct routes, Bushong is often described as a ghost town today, but its 34 residents still enjoy their quiet little town.

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