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Bowser Covered Bridge - Osterburg, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Photo by Ben Prepelka
Steamship Ticonderoga by Storylanding
Covered Bridge by Steven Bergeron

   Shelburne Museum is sometimes thought as one of America's most unconventional museums. Its collections are Steamboat Ticonderoga - Shelburne Museum, Vermont housed in a remarkable setting with 39 exhibition buildings, including 20 that were relocated to the property. Some of the structures brought in include a jail, one-room school house, general store, a covered bridge and lighthouse.
   Pictured here is Colchester Reef Lighthouse that once stood guard on nearby Lake Champlain, warning mariners of the Colchester Reef. The structure, built to withstand gale force winds, features a post and beam frame. The frame, tower and roof are either pegged or bolted, with some areas secured with iron rods. The solid Vermont light station was built in 1871, and moved in 1952. Today it stands in the midst of garden-like Shelburne Double-Barrel Covered Bridge - Shelburne Museum, Vermont Museum grounds, adjacent to the 220 foot Steamboat Ticonderoga. Other rare finds include the two-lane Shelburne Museum Covered Bridge, built in 1845.
   Electra Havemeyer Webb founded the museum in 1947. Her ideas of an educational experience are carried on today in this village style setting with educational programs, workshops and special exhibitions. Each year, the museum outdoes itself with top rated artistic exhibits, including paintings, folk art, and a wide assortment of 17th through 20th century artifacts.

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