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Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse

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Thirty Mile Point Light Station - Golden Hill State Park, New York

Photos by Gerri Jones
Gerri Jones Photography

     A picturesque subject for photographers, artists and stamp makers, lighthouses are a big part of Americana and early maritime history. Here on the shores of Lake Ontario this 140 year old relic creates the centerpiece of Golden Hill State Park. Thirty Mile Point Light Station - Golden Hill State Park, New York Joining New York State's park system in 1962, ideas of adding the Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse and surrounding land as a state park began a decade earlier. Found in a more remote section of western New York State, the shoreline park is located near the town of Somerset. Picnic pavilions, playground, nature trails, a boat launch area and campground add to the popularity of the park.
     The lighthouse, located 30 miles from the Niagara River, is wonderfully captured here on a bright winter's day. Built of limestone in 1875, the solid square tower supported a third-order Fresnel lens. Outliving its usefulness as a navigational beacon in this modern era of GPS guidance, the lighthouse was finally turned over to the state in 1984. Friends of Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse and park staff keep the lighthouse and grounds in excellent condition. Doubling as a museum and guest cottage, the lighthouse continues to be a popular historic landmark. The entire second floor is devoted to weekly guests and features a private entrance, fully furnished accommodations and fantastic lakeside views.

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