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Yaquina Head Lighthouse

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Yaquina Head Lighthouse - Newport, Oregon

Photo by Denny Barnes
Denny Barnes Photography

   Standing high on a narrow headland north of Newport, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is among the tallest along the west coast. Built to replace a misplaced Yaquina Bay Lighthouse to the south, the 193 foot tower was first lit on August 20, 1873. An oil burning wick, magnified by a Barbier and Fenestre 1st order Fresnel lens, required the constant attention of a faithful lighthouse keeper.
   This dramatic lighthouse scene captures a freshly renovated (2006) light-station. Oregonís evening light casts its long shadows along Yaquina Head, illuminating a double walled brick tower, and the oil storage shed and office. The U.S. Coast Guard turned the light-station over to the Bureau of Land Management. Here on the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, guests are again treated to tours of the lighthouse. The towerís 114 steps lead to a totally refurbished lantern room, the lightís original lens, and marvelous views of the Oregon Coast. At the base of this 70 foot cliff, rich tidal pools hold a vast collection of jelly fish, anemones, limpets, clams, worms, chitons, sponges, sea stars, urchins and crabs. Lingering nearby are seals and sea lions; while offshore, porpoises, fish and whales add to wonders of Yaquina Head. Receiving nearly a half million visitors, Yaquina Head is one of Oregonís most popular coastal stops.

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