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Bluehole Falls

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Bluehole Falls of the Duck River - Tennessee

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     The Old Stone Fort, a name given to a first century ceremonial mound by early Tennessee settlers, Little Duck River Step Falls is found on a narrow promontory between the Duck and Little Duck rivers. This sacred site is one of the largest and most complex hilltop enclosures in the South. Thought to be used well into the 5th century, the fort is surrounded by a low stone wall, occupying 50 acres and measuring a mile and a quarter in circumference.
     Here at the Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park, the branches of the Duck River reach the edge of the Highland Rim Plateau, dropping in a series of cascades into the Central Basin. Located just northwest of the town of Manchester, state park trails follow both riverbanks and the ancient Indian enclosure. Honeysuckle blossoms The park also features a museum, campgrounds and picnic area.
     A handful of dramatic waterfalls and cascades are found along both tributaries of the Duck River. The park trails, sweetened with the scent of honeysuckle vines, provide plenty of river and waterfall viewpoints. Steep cliffs, rock ledges and fast flowing currents warrant a cautionary note. While the park provides dramatic scenery, vigilance and common sense is the best way to provide a safe, memorable visit.

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