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Lake Grace

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Lake Grace - Farish Recreation Area, Colorado

Photos by Mike Davis
Mike Davis Photography

     This unique scene of Lake Grace, taken with the only light from a street lamp, captures a clear Colorado night at Farish Recreation Center. Here among the Front Range peaks and the Pike National Forest, the Farish Recreation Area offers military personnel and their guests a delightful escape from their busy world. Feeling like worlds away, this get-away is only minutes from the town of Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy. The park, taking in 650 acres, offers plenty of ways to get close to nature. Here above the clouds, guests enjoy hiking, biking, camping and fishing. Gathering plenty of snowfall at 9000 feet elevation, winter sports are also big at Farish. Garden of the Gods Climbers
     For those not eligible to enjoy this mountain resort, the nearby Garden of the Gods is another natural showcase of Front Range wonders. This spectacular rock garden offers plenty of options to get around in the park. Hiking, biking and equestrian trails lead through this unique collection of massive red rock fins. Here in a transition zone, where the altitude approaches 8000 feet, sedimentary rock was deposited almost a mile thick eons ago. Today's sandstone formations entice rock climbers with many skill levels. And whenever climbers are present, you can count on a crowd of lookie loos craning their necks.

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