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Chama Mountains

Chama Mountains

Photo by Jim Poston

     Chama Valley lies in the shadows of 11,400 foot Brazos Peak. The southern Rockies pass through north-central New Mexico and create a rugged terrain over the Rio Arriba area. The tall mountains, some reaching 13,000 feet, provide year 'round outdoor recreation activities. Numerous rivers and lakes add even more opportunity for fun. Water recreation includes fishing, sailing, white water rafting and kayaking.
     This scenic area is quite different from the typical idea of New Mexico's desert environment. The Chama area is remarkably green, fed from Rocky Mountain snowmelt. Large lakes supply an age old web of acequias (irrigation canals), first constructed by native tribes and further expanded by new generations of Hispanic farmers. The San Juan and Brazos Mountains afford numerous dramatic vistas over miles of twisting scenic byways, adding to New Mexico's diverse Land of Enchantment.



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