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Grandfather Mountain

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Grandfather Mountain Swinging Bridge -  North Carolina

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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Grandfather Mountain View      Grandfather Mountain is more than just a claim as the tallest peak in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, as it's often stated that the peak is a world unto itself. This world has been crowned by the United Nations as an international member of a network of ever-growing Biosphere Reserves. The exclusive club also includes Mount Olympus, the African Serengeti and Canada's Niagara Escarpment. Home to hundreds of plants and animals species, some are rare not only in North Carolina, but throughout the world.
     The mountain, almost topping 6000 feet, received its name long ago when observers saw its ridgeline taking on the shape of grandfather's facial profile. Bald Eagle Complete with a grandpa's beard, the mountain holds many rare and endangered species. Its scenic overlooks, nature trails, nature museum and natural habitat make this mountaintop destination an extra special attraction. The mountain habitat houses native animals that are impaired and could not survive in the wild. Populated with bears, otters, deer, cougars and eagles, the animal habitats are one of the most popular displays at Grandfather Mountain.
     Its signature feature is the mile high swinging bridge that sightseers may take from peak to peak. The actual swing in the bridge is dampened by a retaining system as perpetual winds buffet these mountain tops. A record wind speed was measured January, 2006, clocked at 200 mph.

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