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Bowser Covered Bridge

Bowser Covered Bridge - Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Photo by Ben Prepelka

      For covered bridge fans, Pennsylvania's Bedford County features 14 late 19th century historic treasures. With some of the best maintained bridges in the state, a ninety minute drive from the first bridge in Old Bedford Village leads to eight of Bedford County's favorites. A detailed guide not only helps to track down the bridges, but introduces Bedford County visitors to Gravity Hill. Here you'll believe your car is rolling uphill, a place where the laws of physics no longer apply.
     The second stop on the bridge tour follows a snaking Route 869 west to Osterburg. Here, crossing Bob's Creek is the Osterburg Bridge, more commonly called the Bowser Covered Bridge. Built in 1890 using a Burr truss pattern, the 90 feet span was utilized almost a full century. No longer open for vehicular traffic, the bridge adds a beautifying touch to the countryside. Its exposed sweeping arches create a picturesque scene for everyone, not only covered bridge fans.
     Built in an era that lacked modern power tools and heavy equipment, America's covered bridges exhibit true quality craftsmanship and that famous Yankee ingenuity. Now with repair costs averaging about a quarter of a million dollars, a two thousand dollar price tag (1890) for this old bridge seems extra-special.

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