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The Muffins

The Muffins - South Coyote Buttes

Photo by Rob Jones

    Muffins!     Hot Muffins!!
   The Muffins, located in the Paria Wilderness, have been baking in the Colorado Plateau's blistering sun for millions of years. These baked goods are not a mirage, but a unique rock formation made up of petrified sand dunes. The Muffins may never reach a toasty golden brown, but will continue to erode over time. Approximately 75 percent of all rocky outcroppings on the continents are sedimentary. The more resistant types of sandstone remain, while the softer rock eventually disappears.
   The Wire Pass Trail is full on scenic wonders, imposing sandstone shapes and miles of slot canyon hiking paths. Buckskin Gulch, containing one of the main tributaries to the Paria River, is the longest and deepest slot canyons in the world. The Paria Canyon Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness straddles the Utah / Arizona border between Kanab and Page. The wilderness has a few dirt access roads, and a note to cavalier travelers and ill prepared hikers would suggest extra caution where there is a possibility of adverse weather conditions.



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