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Spring on Boulder Mountain

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Spring on Boulder Mountain - Bicknell, Utah

Photo by Fred Weyman
Fred Weyman Photography

     An area managed by the Dixie National Forest, Boulder Mountain overlooks some of Utah's grandest scenery. Actually a big part of a high plateau, Boulder Mountain's east slope offers views toward Capitol Reef National Park. Off to the south are the canyonlands of Escalante, Box-Death Hollow Wilderness Area and Hell's Backbone Road.
     Boulder Mountain, making up nearly half of the immense Aquarius Plateau, is best known for its camping, hiking trails, and fishing. Aquarius Plateau - Utah The Box #34009, the Roundy Trail #34012, and the Coleman Trail #34011 are among the few maintained trails within the wilderness area. Sprinkled with nearly 80 lakes and several streams, anglers find excellent fishing among this spectacular scenery. Most areas are open for fishing from early May through late October.
     Spread over four geographical areas of Utah, the Dixie National Forest takes in almost two million acres. Here in the high altitude extremes of the Aquarius Plateau and Boulder Mountain, the terrain is dominated by aspen and conifers. Pictured here are the delicate new leaves of spring aspen, giving off a light green glow among the myriad of silvery tree trunks. The prevailing trees in this conifer forest include Douglas, white and subalpine firs, inter-mixed with several varieties of pine and spruce. As visitors descend from plateau, the Dixie National Forest shifts to low growing pinyon pine and juniper. In just a short distance, the lower elevations change dramatically to desert type plants.

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