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The Rock House

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Rock House - Hocking Hills State Park, Laurelville, Ohio

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     There's little doubt that most old legends have been slightly embellished over the years to add a little more drama to a story. And it's no different here at the Rock House, where locals once spun tales of bandits, thieves, bootleggers and murderers ... making their hideaway at Robbers Roost in the Hocking Hills.
     Lured by its enchanting Rock House Stone Stairs - Hocking Hills State Park, Laurelville, Ohio beauty, the Hocking Hills area has attracted sightseers since the 1830s. The area, now preserved by Hocking Hills State Park, is further enhanced with Black Hand sandstone cliffs, fascinating caves and deep gorges carved by the Hocking River. The park's series of waterfalls, towering hemlocks and spectacular hills only add to thrill for Hocking Hills visitors.
     The Rock House, just one section of Hocking Hills State Park, is another area with a deep gorge lined with mosses and ferns. Its 200 foot long cave, with overhanging with multi-colored sandstone cliffs, puts on a stunning show. The half-mile Rock House loop trail ushers visitors down into the Rock House ravine by way of a rustic stone carved stairway. Here you get a sense of what would be "home" for bandits and bootleggers.

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